Hall Bookings FAQs

Can I have external catering
Yes! We welcome you to arrange external catering if you wish to. You can put us in touch with them and we’ll tell them where they can park to make things easy for them.

Can I get married at the Rose Lipman Hall?
You may have a reception but not a wedding. We make an exception for special requests from Local Resident of the De Beauvoir Estate.

Is there parking?
Sadly there’s only on-street parking.

Is there a PA system
Yes there is a PA system available to hire at an additional cost.

Can I have bouncy Castles?
As fun as they are unfortunately, we can’t have bouncy castles in the space.

Can I bring in indoor fireworks?
As much as we love big bangs and sparkles we can’t allow you to bring indoor fireworks into the space.

What time can my event go on to?
We are happy to be able to take events that run till 10:00pm with everyone off site by 11:00pm. We can provide later tens licences for a limited number of events throughout the year but these are reserved for public facing community events. The nature of these events must be minimally disruptive to the local community and must be highly monitored by our staff and yours.

What happens if I lose my fob?

We ask that you are very careful with your fob as it provides access to the building but these things do happen! In the case that you lose your fob we will need charge you £100 for a replacement. This will come out of your deposit so do try to be careful!

What can I cook in the kitchen?

We ask that you do not cook things from scratch in the kitchen and only use it for heating and plate prepping. For the comfort of everyone in the building we ask that you do not fry food because it leaves a smell!

What happens if I’m a bit dishonest about the nature of my event?

You need to make sure that we are fully aware of the nature and details of what you intend to use the space for. You mustn’t use it for anything which has not been agreed with us. If you do decide to use it for something that we didn’t agree (for example you decide to have a rodeo when we thought you were running a ballet class) we’ll need to end the event immediately.

What happens if I’m a bit dishonest about living on the De Beauvoir estate?

We provide the hall at reduced price to the local De Beauvoir Estate as part of our commitment and love to the local community. This comes at a cost to us but is an important part of the way that we work as a non-profit organisation. If we find out you have lied about where you live, or that you have booked the hall on behalf of someone else, we’ll have to cancel your booking (and we’ll be quite sad about it!).

What happens if I or any of my guests are found to have brought drugs on to the site?
We all know that’s not allowed! If we find out this has happened we’ll need to call the local police and expect you to be polite about it!

What are the rules around the types of activity that can happen in the space?

The hall is a community asset that belongs to all of us. Therefore, we ask that you show it some love and respect during your booking. You mustn’t use the space or any part of it for any activities which are dangerous, offensive, noxious, illegal or immoral or which may annoy the local community, our residents or us! We have a blanket policy of no religious events.

What happens if my party spreads out to other parts of the building?

The Rose Lipman is well loved and used by a lot of different people and is home to a lot of resident creative businesses. Therefore, you need to make sure that you only use the space that you hired. If you use any other parts of the building without agreement you and your guests will be asked to leave.

What happens if I am unhappy about my hire?

We want everyone that comes into the Rose Lipman Building to love it as much as we do. But we understand sometimes things can fall short of your expectations. In this case we’d ask you to talk to the member of staff on duty during the event so they can see if there’s anything they can do immediately. If you’d like to make a more formal complaint you can drop us a line directly on hello@millco.co.uk

Can I put up decorations, sets, paint the walls etc.

It wouldn’t be a party without decorations! For that reason, you are welcome to decorate the space but must not make alterations to the layout or remove any of our property without asking us first. Anything that you do must be put back to normal at the end of your booking.

Do I need to staff the event?

We ask that certain types of events are staffed. We can discuss this before you book!

What happens if a member of the Mill Co. team ask me to do something?

We will have a minimal presence at your event as we want you to freely enjoy the space. However we’ll pop in every now and then to make sure everything is going to plan. In the case that one of our members of staff asks you to do something you must listen to us as we’re here to keep everyone safe! If you don’t we may have to close down the event (which we don’t want to do).

What’s the loudest I can have my music?

The maximum level is 91 decibels (i.e. boom boom please don’t shake the room). A member of our staff might randomly check this throughout your event. If you exceed this level we’ll need to ask you to TURN IT DOWN (please don’t reply FOR WHAT). If you don’t do this we’ll need to close down the event immediately because we have a commitment to keep our local residents happy and content!

What happens if my event overruns?

You’ve got to keep to your agreed times as we’ve booked staff to look after you and they have exciting lives to return to. You and all of your guests must be out of the building by 11pm. Any overrun will be charged extra so we can pay the staff who has been looking after you.

What happens if more people than I booked the hall for show up?

You must keep to the agreed amount of people and the total capacity of the hall. This is for everyone’s safety. If you do go over this number we’ll ask you to reduce the total number of guests down to the agreed number or we’ll need to shut the event down.

Can you refuse entry to one of my guests?

Yup! This is for everyone’ safety.

What happens if I break something?

You break it you pay for it! These things happen but just make sure to let us know as soon as something happens and we’ll work with you to try and sort it out. If it costs us anything we’ll need to charge you.

What happens if I want to leave something to collect it tomorrow?

If you bring things into the hall, you’ll need to make sure that they’re taken away again at the end of the booking. Anything left behind we’ll throw away and charge you for (so trust us it’s really not worth it!)

What happens to my rubbish?

Put it in the bin please. You must make sure that you remove everything, pop it in a bin bag and place it in the wheelie bins outside. We love the environment so please recycle everything that can be recycled.

Can I sell alcohol?

We can arrange this with you but you must let us know.

Can we drink alcohol?

Yes! But make sure that it’s not served to anyone it shouldn’t be (under 18s) and you must stop serving it 30 mins before the end of your event.

Can I gamble or run bets from the space?

Please don’t break any laws about gaming, betting and lotteries please.

What about licencing?

Keep within the law especially if you’re running something that includes public dancing, music, stage plays, films, or similar entertainment taking place.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes just in case you break something or overrun. We’ll keep it until after the event and return it to you within 28 days (usually before) minus any costs we need to charge you.

What happens if I book the space within 14 days of the event?

You’ll need to pay everything up front.

What happens if I don’t pay the deposit or hire fee?

We’re afraid you can’t come in if you don’t pay. What’s fair is fair!

What happens if I don’t sign my agreement and send it back?

As this is how agreements work, you do need to sign it and send it back. We will release your date if you don’t do this!

Do I have to do a risk assessment?

Yes, a risk assessment must be provided for all activities at least a week before your hire. We can help you carry this out if you’ve not done one before, just drop us a line.

Can me or my guests smoke on the site?

Nope, and you’ll need to make sure your guests don’t ether.

What happens if my guests get a bit over-excited?

You need to make sure your guests are being respectful and enjoying the hall appropriately. They must also follow our instructions. If you’ve got any particularly over-excited guests and they don’t calm down a bit, we might need to help them leave the site. We might ask for your help doing this.

Do I have to PAT test my equipment?
Yes, everything brought into the building must be PAT tested. We will check this has been done!

Can I have helium balloons?
Sorry no, you can’t use gas-filled balloons, streamers or confetti both inside and outside the building without our approval (basically because they are a nightmare to clean up and everyone ends up covered in glitter for days). If you break the rules and we find balloons on the celling we’ll have to charge you for our time getting them down.

What happens if Mill Co. want to cancel?

We reserve the right to cancel any booking if you do the following:

Fail to sign your hire agreement
Fail pay your deposit
Fail to be honest about living on the De Beauvoir Estate
Fail to be honest about the nature of the booking
Fail to supply information about the intended activity in a timely manner
Fail to provide a risk assessment and or method statement for the booking
Fail to provide proof of insurance

What happens if I want to cancel my event?

Fairs fair so we’ll need to charge you dependent on how likely it is that we can fill your booked dates:

If you change your mind greater than 8 weeks before the booking is due to start we’ll charge you 15%.

Cancelling within 4 to 8 weeks of the booking 25%

Cancelling within 2 to 4 weeks of the Hire Date 50%

If you change your mind within 2 weeks of your event we’ll need to charge you 100% of your booking fee. We will however try and get someone else to take your booking date – if this is possible we’ll not charge you anything. You are also welcome to be part of this process.

What happens if I want to hire the hall on behalf of someone else?

Sorry that’s not allowed. For everyone’s safety the person hiring the space must be the same person who will be using the space.

How do I arrange to see the space?

No problem! We can arrange viewings of the space on an ad hoc basis. These will need to be arranged around bookings in the space so as not to disrupt anyone else. We can normally arrange these for weekdays between 10-6pm but we can sometimes accommodate weekends.

What happens at the start of my booking?

We’ll meet you and induct you to the building and talk through your needs and how to use the space safety.

Will a member of staff be on site at all times?

Yes, someone will be around happy to help you with anything you need during your booking. You will be provided with their mobile number so just pop them a message or a call. They will come into the space regularly to make sure it’s all going well and that you’re having fun!

What happens if something isn’t working when I arrive in the space?

We’ll check everything out beforehand and make sure it’s ready for your booking. In the rare case something isn’t up to scratch just give the person managing your booking a call and they’ll be happy to try and help.

I’m a local De Beauvoir resident and want to make a complaint!

Sorry to hear that! You can give us a call or drop us an email on hello@millco.co.uk and we’ll do everything we can to resolve the issue.

I’m a local De Beauvoir resident and I have an idea I want to suggest and or I want to give some feedback

Great news, we’d love to hear from you! Please drop Drucilla a line on drucilla@millco.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do

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