This is My Room


Past Event

Multiple dates

A sonic and visual journey for a group of live musicians and an audience. In collaboration with Manchester Collective.

Part-gig, part-installation, This Is My Room sees Clod Ensemble focus their attention on the live musician as performer, each with their own theatricality and musical voice.

Electronics, viola, cello, violins and a grand piano begin in solitary worlds, slowly coming together through a series of provocations, collisions and negotiations. Taking place within a web of lighting wire which evokes cityscapes, skylines and private rooms, This Is My Room sees ghosts of the musical past square up to the forces of the present.

With an intense, exhilarating sound world from Paul Clark which interweaves a collage of hundreds of recorded samples of spoken voices played live by Djenaba Eyo Davies, this immersive, multi-speaker installation is created in collaboration with Manchester Collective, renowned for their innovative experience-driven concerts.

A live, intimate experience for a limited audience, this is an opportunity to get up close to musicians outside of the concert hall or club without a stage to separate us.

This performance will be socially-distanced.

Post show discussion 27 September, after the 8.30pm performance. Free with a ticket to the show.